Do you know why some people are so intolerant? I’ll tell you why. They have no idea what are they talking about. They are afraid of things that they don’t know. What’s more, they hate them. It’s kind of protection. People feel fear so they attect “this thing”. I know that that it’s nothing new that I’m writing about, but last time I realize again that even small knowledge helps to understand different people, different cultures, religions and nations.

What I want to say finally is that education, work with kids and teeneagrs are very important. Workshops, films, discussions, etc, can make a great thing. When I was a kid I was attending in meetings with children from others churches and religions. Last half an year I was organizer of that kind of meetings. It’s such a great fun for me when I can see that kids want to learn by playing and that they remember so many things about others, and mostly they see more similar things So if some of you have some possibilities to tell young people about others, don’t waste time-JUST DO IT! It’s very challenging but it gives satisfaction and happy.



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