Youths in my Church.

Hey everyone! this is helga thomas.i live in a place,jeypore.This blog is to tell you about the youths in my church.I come from the Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church,situated in the southern part of the state, Orissa ,in India.Youths in my church play a very dramatic role.The youth programs are conducted in accordance with the present world scenario.Issues like Environmental crisis,Health concerns,Communal violence,Equal Rights,Sports and Music are being taken heed now.

Even though my town is located in the poorest district of India,still then the youths are well connected with the present world through education, media and church.Youths are well educated, well connected via internet,electronic devices,etc.The church plays a leading role in updating the youths by conducting seminars and workshops on various burning issues.The youths follow-up with new strategies and they implement it on their own life.In recent times we had programs on Environmental and Health issues.As a follow-up, me and our youths went around the church  to clean the vicinity and planted new saplings.In the same manner,after a workshop on HIV/AIDS,many of our youths went around the jeypore town in rally to increase awareness in fighting against HIV/AIDS and the prevalent prejudices.

HIV/AIDS Rally by my church youths.

HIV/AIDS Rally by my church youths.

Communal violence is one of the most pathetic and tragic issue in my country since India is a land of different religions,cultures,dialogues and faith.India known as the land of spirituality and philosophy, was the birthplace of some religions, which even exist today in the world.There are many tragic communal incidents which distract the harmony in our society.Our Youths partake in campaigns to protest against it and they even move to the victimised places as volunteers to reinstate the life of the people living there.

Sports and Music is the greatest passion of our youths in church.The youths are very much skilled players and also very talented musicians.The youth mass has a football team called the Christian Youth Association Football Club( C.Y.A FC).The team has won many titles and some of the players have represented in the state and national level.Every now and then,the youths organise day and  flood-light tournaments in Cricket,Football,Volleyball and Badminton.

In the field of music,our youths play a melodic role in the church as well as in different other programs.The church has the only brass band in Orissa called the Jeypore Brass Group.The group has a collaboration with a German Church.The Church Choir has 30-40 members with musical accompaniments in guitars,keyboard and drums.The Choir travel to many towns and villages to spread the Good News of Christ through their music.

Jeypore Brass Group

church choir

church choir

There are many other stuffs to share with you all, about me and my society,which i will post in my upcoming blogs.Hope you enjoyed reading my first blog and had a perception about the life of youths in my church.


One response to “Youths in my Church.

  1. High,there!

    I am now in Madagascar capital Antananarivo, I am looking for volleyball player/team on net, and find your blog.

    please confirm if your group is located in Antananarivo? I would like join in for play.

    Your response would be appreciate very much.

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