UN World Youth Report Series: Responses from Asian Lutheran youth (3 of 4)

What would youths do when they are unemployed?

Thomas Cho, from Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hong Kong, listed some of the possibilities. They include go to internet cafe, just stay at home, go to karaoke bar or disco, hang out at the playground at night, play computer games……

There are also some examples of well-educated youths ‘choosing to be unemployed’. The reason is that the Hong Kong stock market was doing very well last years. Thomas said,’ many young people including some university students are very keen on speculating in the stock market.’ Some of them are a kind of addicted in making ‘easy’ money.

That’s parts of reality in Hong Kong, a relatively affluent city in Asia (of course, there are also many youths facing tremendous pressures hoping for a job ). But for many countries in Asia, the stories in general are quite different.

As told by one of our youth liaisons from Southeast Asia , ‘for some youth, once they graduate, the burden of helping the family is placed on their shoulders. Somtimes, they are seen as ‘Savior’ of their families to get them out the poverty stage…… thus, even thought they graduated for a certain profession, like teaching perhaps, the call to go abroad is hearkened to , as someone else, more probably as a domestic helper……’  


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