Migration in Europe

What have the biblical persons of Abraham and Hagar, Jacob and Rebekka, Joseph, Rut, Jesus and Mary in common? Right, they all were migrants. People who left their home country for a limted or forever to live and work elsewhere.

Migration is a contentious issue today. In many countries, people are hostile towards people who do not originate in the same country – even if the family of these persons live already for generations in the new country.

Today, Sydia Nduna from the World Council of Churches spoke about her work in the area of migration policy. We discussed in a group of interns in the Ecumenical Center – all migrants themselves. The discussion centered around how Christians and churches should approach migrants and resisting any tendencies to treat migrants differently from other human beings. Sydia introduced an interesting resource that can be very helpful in dealing with the reality of migration as Christians and as churches. The Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) published a study called “Mapping Migration. Mapping Churches’ Responses”. It has two pages on every country in Europe, giving some general information and then describing the work of migrant churches in these countries. It is very helpful to understand the scope that migration already has.


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