UN World Youth Report Series: Responses from Asian Lutheran youth (2 of 4)

 No doubt. The contributions of youths to economic development can be tremendous. That’s why many governments in Asia are willing to invest lots of money in Education.

As pointed out by UN World Youth Report 2007, access to quality education has expanded in many parts of Asia, making it possible for a much broader range of youth to contribute meaningfully to economic and social development.


 Many countries in Asia, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, have implmented curricular reforms, while others like Thailand are preparing major curriculum changes. In general, youth participation in education has been improved in Asia.


The youth liaisons were asked ,’ Do you think the education youth received in your country is reasonably enough?’ Most of them answered confidently ‘Yes, I do’.


If youth themselves think they have received enough or at least better education than in the past, what other difficulties are they still facing? 


Ferdinan Girsang, a young Lutheran from Indonesia, told us although young people received enough education in general, they must pursue other knowledge outside the mainstream education, such as English or advanced computer skills, etc. Otherwise, it would be more difficult for them to participate fully in the global economy. 


Moreover, for some young people who do not possess professional skills, they may not be able to find a job that can match what they were trained for. They end up may have to work outside their major, possibility work as a waiter or driver.


Rachel, from Philippines, highlighted 3 major obstacles for youth to contribute their very best in their home economy.


First, when youths were trained for a certain profession, proper job opening would not be available. They may need to work abroad if they want to remain in their field.


 Second, there are simply too many graduates to compete for a few jobs. Parts of the competition also come from outside. 


 Third, mismatch of talents: ‘although there are a lot of job opportunities(for a certain profession), we lack the graduates to fill such position as they flocked to another which people deem as more prestigious occupation or jobs that provide more lucrative remuneration.’


(2 of 4) To be continued

UN World Youth Report Series: Responses from Asian Lutheran youth (1of 4):



UN World Youth Report 2007, Visit: http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/wyr07.htm

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