Engage: LWF Global Training for Young Leaders, Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

Hello everyone…from THAILAND!!!We are the Asia-Pacific group in the leadership training program. We come from India, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Australia, Bangkok and Israel. The training and staying at the Bangkok Christian Guest House in the centre of the big city!For the past two days we have gotten to know each other and learned about each others countries and cultures.The first day we focused on analysis with simulation games where we were given a situation commonly found in developing countries and played different roles. This was interesting because it allowed us to recognise how actors in a society communicate about issues affecting a community.We have been eating many traditional Thai dishes that have been very tasty and different from what most of us are used of.The markets are amazing in Bangkok and for most of us are inexpensive compared to our home countries. There are so many markets on the sidewalk that there is barely enough time to see them all!We have been doing Bible studies using a different method each morning. These have challenged our understanding and been a source of different opinions.Today we wrapped up our study of analysis and looked at discovering our passion and creating a vision, not only individually but for our Asia-Pacific group.Each day we have had morning and evening prayers by some of the participants which have been meaningful and full of singing and praise.We have had an amazing time so far and hope to learn more in the days to come! 


4 responses to “Engage: LWF Global Training for Young Leaders, Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

  1. karen lapniten

    hello!!! it’s really enjoyable in here… i like the bonding that we have!!!!

  2. bonardo marpaung

    I hope the youth can make a big solution specially about the global worming, and the important think is we can do that idea, in our local committe, in our local area.

    good luck

    God Bless Us

  3. Its good to hear you guys had a meaningful time as youths from the region. Please see to it that the commitment you make at that point should be followed up and implemented. Wish you all God’s blessings.

  4. Francis Chan, Switzerland

    Hello! Nice to meet everyone of you here.
    Just added a nice group photo to the blog post (thanks Lydia for contributing the photo)
    All the best to you all!
    Warmest Regards,

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