Be in one

During the Intern Retreat, We had a ‘Intercultural Talent Show’ performed by interns from all regions of the world.

What I chose to present was the Chinese calligraphy.

For about 3000 years, Chinese people were using a special kind of pen – usually made with a bamboo stick and hair from animals like wolves, along with the black ink.

The picture below is a Chinese calligraphy performed by the interns and staff from various ecumenical organizations – WSCF, ACT, WCC, YWCA, YMCA and LWF.


In Hong Kong, we usually call the term ‘ ecumenical’ as ‘合一’ in Chinese. So, I chose that word to write it together.

Each chinese characters originally was somewhat a picture few thousand years ago. For example, like the word light, in chinese, it is 光.

光 was originally a picture depicting ‘a fire(on the top of) a table‘.

Remember what Jesus said? A lamp should be put on a stand, but not hidden under a bed.

Then, What about the word ‘ecumenical'(合一) in Chinese?

合 consists of three parts. 人(on the top) means people; 一(in the middle) means one; 口(at the bottom) means mouth.

一 means one.

Put it together, it is trying to convey a message that ‘people in one voice‘ (without quarelling with each other): 合. Be in one : 一.

After the intern retreat, we all agreed to meet regularly on every Tuesdays for an ecumenical learning session.

Many ideas have come out during the brainstorming yesterday, ranging from planting an ‘ecumenical tree’ outside the Ecumenical Center to visiting different churches and international organizations in Geneva.

When the ecumenical learning session kick off, I will surely share more stories with you.


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