Intern Retreat in Louverain

What is your calling? 

Interns from YWCA, YMCA, WSCF, ACT, WCC and LWF spent three days last week in an Internship Retreat in Louverain, Switzerland.

During the Retreat, One of the major focus for us was to reflect on the callings God has given to us.


Facing the beautiful snow mountains, the lake, along with the birds’ singing, I have a precious moment with god. Looking at the footstep on the snowy ground, I was thinking about the footstep Jesus has demonstrated for us to follow.

The thing right in my heart was the mission in the mainland China.

After talking with several church leaders in LWF, meeting the Christians from a Chinese church in Geneva……I began to realize God has given us, as Hong Kong people, a unique calling to spread the gospel in the mainland.

I believed that working in LWF youth desk will be a very useful experience if I am going to help building the church in China, simply because most converts will be young people.

I also reaffirmed my wish to finish certain programme from a seminary school before my 30 years. It does not necessarily mean that I will be a minister. What I wish is to get myself better equipped so that I could contribute to the mission in a greater extent.



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