UN Chief’s Visit – Churches’ Actions Needed for Resolving Global Warming

The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon had a short visit to Ecumenical Center today evening. He also attended a prayer service with us. There was a choir from Korean Church in Geneva singing beautiful hymns in Korean.

One of the issues the UN chief particularly highlighted was climate change. He said the problem will only be resolved through a global common response and UN need the help from the churches worldwide.

Ban Ki Moon and S.Kobia

H.E. Ban Ki-moon (right) and Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia (left), General Secretary of WCC
(c)WCC/Peter Williams

Indeed, it is more and more obvious that the climate change has become a pressing issue that needs immediate and united action to resolve. It is urged that churches should let their members to have a better understanding of the impact of global warming and respond by actions.

The Council meeting of LWF’s will be held in June in Arusha, Tanzania. Not surprisingly, One of the main focus of the meeting will be climate change. Immediately before the council, there will be a week long Pre-Council Youth Workshop taking place.

The program is going to focus on climate change from a youth perspective. It is going to be jointly prepared by Rolita, Roger and me.

Rolita is now working as an intern in Department for Theology and Studies. I have seen her working diligently every day on that topic. She is going to write a book concerning climate change from a theological perspective. I am sure she could share a lot of insight on that issue.

During the workshop, we will also spend some time meeting some local youth and getting to know the project work of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) in nearby villages in the beautiful hill country surrounding Arusha.  ELCT is running several projects that are clearly a response to the climate change challenge.

The World Council of Churches says toaday that it has reached an agreement with United Nations to work more closely on climate change.

If churches from all around the world could respond by scaling up their actions to tackle the problem. It surely will make a difference.


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