Stop Violence – Freedom for Colombian hostages


STOP VIOLENCE, NO MORE KIDNAPPING ! were some of the voices heard today.Thousands of people, not only Colombian but from other nationalities along the world were able to speak and pronounce themselves against violence and kidnapping, terrorism and all kind of violence in Colombia without fear.

More than 130 capitals cities around the world, from Mexico to Argentina, 35 states from the United States, Sidney, many countires of Europe and Asia at 12:00 m were accompaning us and made us feel we are not alone.

White tshirts with “Yo soy Colombia” writen on them, every person was representing our country with white and national flags, singing our National Himn. Office workers, housewifes, students, politics, children etc made their voice aloud demanding peace.

We have been indifferent in the past years, but today we can say we have overcome silence and apathy. Every colombian citizen showed their rejection against this terrorist armed group they have been violenting Colombia for almost 50 years. Ironically FARC means “Fuerzas Revolucionarias de Colombia,ejercito del pueblo” (Revolutionary Colombian Forces, people´s army). Nothing more far from the real feeling of the people.They have kidnapped over 3000 people so far, some of them have been there for 10 years. Recently a senator and a vicepresidencial candidate, both women, were released and with them a new hope for those who still living in the jungle waiting for the moment they will find their freedom.

Its important to take part in building peace, we do can make our own pression, there is a massive media messages by tv against violence. One of these messages says: “We have been silented enough…. Today we proved that we are more who demand peace.


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