Taizé – a reflection

Why write everything for yourself if somebody else has done it already? Since a few days, I wanted to write a reflection about the Taizé event in Geneva. In the meantime, three young people who were invited to attend the meeting on behalf of the World Council of Churches wrote a piece. You can read it here. Taizé is quite famous in Europe but largely unknown in other parts of the world. The authors of this reflection come from outside Europe: Robyn Goodwin (Australia), Liv Gibbons (USA) and Bjorn J. Burrows (Bahamas).

The next large Taizé-Meeting outside the small village of Taizé where the community is based is going to be in Nairobi, Kenya. Therefore, the large community of young people was among those who prayed for a quick and peaceful resolution of the problems the country in Eastern Africa is facing. Hopefully, the Taizé meeting there in November can help to reconciliation.


One response to “Taizé – a reflection

  1. i attended taize meeting in nairobi last november and it was such a huge blessing to me.i had never attended a taize gathering before so the feeling waas overwhelmingly joyous


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