My Pet

 chiqui.jpgShe was 6 years  and a  homeless dog. We took her from the street, scared and dirty. She used to seat in a very particular way on our car seat, with her two frontal legs in the middle of the frontal seats and the other ones on the back seat. She always wanted to be aware of what was happening everywhere, she used to be jelaous with other dogs and only played with Schnauzer ones, she liked to sleep with us sometimes. Her name was Chiqui, my very special and unique pet.

I suposed almost all of us have had a pet in some point of our lives, particularly when we were children.But when we chose to have a pet its like adopting a friend, pets becomes part of our lives, they are always by our side, they dont blame or demand nothing from us, just love. They dont even get mad when we leave them alone at home, instead of being sad they just shake their tails with happiness.

I thought it was good to write a post about my dog and a good way to recall her. 

Chiqui died two weeks ago, she was sick for three days and then died, everything happened very fast. We took her to the Veterinary because she had fever and a severe diarrhoea and then had two convulsions. We did everything we could. Sometimes its hard to accept that we are not the owners of life.

Its amazing what a pet may become for a family, certainly is another member at home. I used to talk with my husband about how will we react when Chiqui will die, but as happens with humans, we realized we are not ready to accept dead. I never thought it would be this painful.

Someone told us ” Stop crying its just a dog, I would not spend my money to save a dog” they thought we were overeacting.

As Christians we are called to respect and love every expression of life, animals and plants  are part of God´s creation, we have to manage his creation with responsability. Its true that they were created for our benefit but we should try to not make them suffer.

After some days we decide to find a new pet, we wanted to adopt a homeless dog again.  I saw some pictures of dogs who were available for adoption, so we went to the SPAC (Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Colombia), and chose Yomi, 18 months age, she had been for 10 months at the shelter, waiting for a family. So we sent the application, they came to visit us, and now she is living with us.

Only in Bogotá 200 dogs per week are catched on the streets, old and sick ones must be sacrified, because these organizations doesnt have the financial resources to feed them. Most of the people prefer to buy dogs with pedigree. Very few adopt homeless ones. They need love the same as us.

Yomi seems to know she must behave well, she is obedient and its all the time behind me. Sometimes she got scared of people, but she is happy now.

I encourage you to share stories about those wonderful friends, our pets.


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  1. I truly enjoy this blog.

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