How to be a beautiful woman

“Recipes to be a beautiful Woman”


In talking about beauty, I think every woman loves to listen about. There are some articles in the newspaper or magazine that present some recipes how to be a beautiful lady. Of course it is not easy to get the beauty like the artist because we need to spend much money. So who is the most beautiful in this world? Artist? Princess of Diana? Who? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, please tell me who the most beautiful in this world?” and the mirror will say: “YOU!” Wow… you must be shock! While saying: “Could it be?” Of course you could be the most beautiful in this world. What is the recipes?

  1. Trust in the creator. God creates you as God’s beloved daughter as the image of God and build a web spider with others in a linkage of God’s perfect love.
  2. Have a pure and thankful heart. From this pure heart will shine an inner beauty in your life. To praise the Lord in all the time because you feel the grace of God.
  3. Have a positive thinking. Positive thinking will help you to be relax and have a nice smile and the eyes will shine care and positive action
  4. Having love of Christ. When you have something to share you will never think twice to give to the people who loves you even the person who hates you. Be a love and an instrument of love and God the source of love will give you more love. Love also show mercy and forgiveness especially for those who hurt you. Without forgiving others, your face will be worse, even worst cause there are some persons who live surround you but they cannot make you smile… even you will get worst. No body wants to have an ugly face but how will you smile if you meet your enemy and never forgive them?
  5. Having not only one favorite color, so you will love all skin color (black, white and yellow). see also the rainbow of life… Full of color in the midst of rain and sunny it will shape the beautiful color of rainbow.
  6. Smile with the crystal from the blue sky and you will see the widest world with blue peace….

So anytime you success to do this recipes, please ask God as your mirror: “Who is the most beautiful in this world?” God will say: “of course you are!”. This recipes is from me…


Benny Sinaga



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