Questions to the new British Foreign Minister

David Miliband is the new Foreign Minister of Great Britain. Our friend from Kenya, George Arende, pointed me to a website of a global advocacy alliance called who collect questions to Mr. Miliband. They are interested in getting questions about global justice, HIV/Aids etc. I know there are many people who believe that the UK needs a new approach to foreign policy. Maybe it is interesting for you to check out their website and to post a question. They are going to keep the  questions open until Thursday this week.


One response to “Questions to the new British Foreign Minister

  1. Hi All,

    I received the LWI English via email in which I noticed with interest you’ve a blog for young adults. I am an advisor to the Young Adult Fellowship in the Chinese Lutheran Church in London. Our church is a congregation of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain, with strong links to Chinese Lutherans back in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

    I’m not sure I post the mail to the right place but saw your statement on the new FS in Great Britain, hence this invitation to you to visit our homepage below:

    The homepage was set up by our Young Adult group late last year and have since become a popular e-contact point for visitors, guests and new members alike. Please help us spread the words out about our homepage. We plan to launch the Chinese language version soon.

    Thank you for your help and congratulation for the informative blog which keeps us informed of what’s going on in the LWF Youth programme.

    David Lin

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