Second Orthodox Youth Conference/ Day 2

Hi, this Yegnawoin Abebe from Ethiopian Evangelical Church Meknae Yesus (a member of Lutheran World Federation). I work for my church as youth and sport ministry ccordinator at the synod level. And I would like to mention here that I am very glad to be deligated to this wonderful conferance by LWF.


So here we are, the two LWF -delegates in Turkey. The theme of the conference is Members of the Church – Citizens of the World. About 600 people gathered here in Istanbul for few days to talk about the Youth and the Orthodox Church. The first conference was in year 2000, and now it is time to reflect on the conclusions of that first Youth Conference and create new ideas for the next years.

During this first working day we have heard many interesting lectures from various orthodox people. The informal talks and dinners have also been interesting. The lectures were about mission of the Church, participation of the Youth to Church life and abaout education in Western Europe. If you are interesteed in learing more about these topics, feel free to go to All the papers and lectures should be puplished there by the end of this conference.


2 responses to “Second Orthodox Youth Conference/ Day 2

  1. Great, that both of you arrived safely. It really seems to be an interesting conference. I am really looking forward to hearing a few stories about whom you met and what topics have interested you most. I think it is very relevant to be in good contact with other churches and to support each other.

  2., how do you do it?

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