A phenomenon

“How could I expect you to be here,” a colleague wrote when she received my absence notice. “It is good old Kirchentag.” Actually, it is a little bit like hide and seek. Every other year, there is a week you are going to find only few Germans in the Ecumenical Center in Geneva. They all went to the German Kirchentag, a large protestant gathering.

Some call it a phenomenon. German Lutheran, Reformed and United Christians meet in a different city. And they come in masses. This year in Cologne, there were around 100,000 staying from Wednesday to Sunday. If you calculate all the other people who just come for a day you are getting close to one million visitors.

Every morning, there are dozens of of bible studies. However, during the day the topics are broad, to say the least. You can discuss about economic globalization, climate change, you can join a theater workshop, discuss different theological approaches, learn more about you can visit the fair ground where literally hundreds of organizations present themselves. But apart from very serious discussions, there are also concerts from famous bands or just a local parish combo. The quality is not always outstanding but everybody gets applause from the Kirchentag crowd with their orange scarfs.


One response to “A phenomenon

  1. we are living in this world by facing some phenomenons. whatever we see, watch, feel is a phenomenon and even we act many actions in these phenomenons. Christian are living in the phenomenon of journey of faith, yes you are right Roger, it is like hide and seek…

    Like in Hong Kong, there are some Muslims from Indonesia converts to be Christian with some reasons, even though, maybe when they go back to Indonesia some of them back to be Muslim and some become a strong-faith Christian. Every Sunday we can see a lot of Christian are doing evangelism to Indonesian peoples who are sitting at Victoria Park to enjoy their vocation (Most of them are domestic helpers). you can see in the crowded and open park some Christian activities, there are Bible discussion, sharing, praying and other things…

    Roger, the phenomenon that you described, remind me with one Indonesian song saying: “This world is like a stage of theater, and you can see and act what is your role to play… there is a role of pretending or serious, joy or sad, religious and secular…”

    in love and prayer
    benny sinaga

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